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tv   Newsline  NHK World  July 28, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm JST

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welcome to nhk world "newsline." i'm gene otani in tokyo. here's a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. calls for a truce. access denied. ukrainian authorities say it is not safe to view the site where a malaysia airlines flight crashed. calls fo the u.n. security ci urging israel and hamas to implement a ceasefire as muslims mark the end of ramadan. japan's space agency is
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inviting the public to explore the galaxy with exhibition on its history. investigators are waiting to access the crash site on malaysia airlines flight 17 in eastern ukraine. another attempt was postponed on monday due to security concerns. 49 experts from the netherlands, australia and other countries are on stand by in ukraine hoping to gain access to the crash site on monday but renewed fighting caused the postponement of the operation for the second consecutive day. all 298 people on board flight 17 were killed in the crash. authorities believe many bodies have yet to be retrieved from the site. russian authorities are calling on the united nations to lead the international investigation. >> translator: we are concerned that some of our partners are
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trying to organize an investigation by holding bilateral talks only with the side of the ukrainian government. the investigation should be conducted as soon as possible under the authority of the united nations. australian foreign minister julie bishop was in ukraine on monday to hold talks with president poreshe nko. the u.n. security council called for an immediate cease fire in the gaza conflict to allow for delivery of humanitarian assistance. council members met in new york to draft a presidential statement. the document expresses grave concern over the deteriorating situation in the gaza strip. fighting has claimed many civilian lives. the statement expresses support
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for the effort of u.n. secretary general to arrange a cease fire. the break in fighting would come at a time. the statement is nonbinding. the united states remains reluctant to approve a binding resolution. palestinian u.n. unvoy welcomed the statement and expressed determination to convince the council to adopt a res liegz. >> we will continue knocking on the door of the security council. israel's u.n. ambassador was critical of the statement. >> we heard the presidential statement right now from the security council that miraculously managed not to mention hamas. >> the presidential statement commends efforts by u.s. secretary of state john kerry to
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achieve a cease fire. the conflict has killed more than 1,000 palestinians and over 40 israelis. >> reporter: people in gaza had a short window of breath. but as the fighting resu atmosphere in gaza is again tense, fearful and bleak. israeli forc target is hamas militants and destroy the military infrastructure. but so far, they've killed more civilians in the offensive. >> translator: why do they target innocent people? >> reporter: israeli troops shelled densely populated area. a school run by the united nations was hit during the fighting. rockets inside buildings.
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before these attacks, a chilling message was sent to people living in gaza on the mobile phones say experience fear, nothing like before. >> translator: this was horrifying. a lot of people got killed. i thought i would be next. >> reporter: the islamic group hamas are seen as terrorists by israel and the united states. they're armed wing is qassam brigades but they have a much bigger political wing schools, hospitals and other social services that support people on a grassroo l gaza. >> translator: i support hamas. they're devout. >> reporter: in june, the palestinian president mahmoud abbas announced to form a unity government with hamas. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he will never s down for talks with .
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>> translator: hamas is a terrorist organization that's committed to the destruction of israel. world loaders should not rush to recognize the new government. >> reporter: the israelis have erected an electric fence around gaza and tightly regulate the flow of supplies to million people living there. the strip is infamously called the world's biggest open air prison. hamas militants have dug tunnels under the fences to smuggle weapons. this is an israeli village near the border with gaza. rockets are repeatedly fired from gaza and land here. people living here are feeling that the threat of hamas' underground tunnel is approaching their lives more and more. >> translator: i am very, very afraid. it's so dangerous. just imagine terrorists come out from those tunnels.
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>> reporter: as the fighting has resumed again, i hear sounds of explosion and see smoke rise i the direction of gaza which is just right there. the death toll is likely to increase more. sho beppu, nhk world, near the gaza strip in southern israel. the head of a u.s. food company promised to thoroughly investigate their shanghai subsidiary. >> what happened was completely unacceptable and i hope you accept my personal and most sincere apology. i am very, very sorry. >> osi group chairman and chief
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executive officer says the issue runs counter to the values of the firm. authorities suspect food safety violations were a company-wide practice. another official said moakiko okamotoives are not yet known. deadly fighting between militant groups continue in libya. government officials are advising nationals to leave the north african country.
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the conflict escalated in libya since a militant group attacked an international air capital tripoli this m 36 people died in th city of benghazi on city in a battle between libyan government forces and islamist militants. the violen many were civilians. france and other european countries urged their nationals to leave. the u.s. government pulled all staff from the embassy in tripoli. japan has temporarily closed the embassy and advising nationals to refrain from travel there. libya has been in turmoil since the fall of gadhafi in 2011. voters elected new parliament members last month. japanese prime minister shinzo abe is on a five-nation tour of latin america. he met with the prime minister of trinidad and tobago and he asked the leader to support japan for an election of nonpermanent members of the u.n. security council. he attended his fi he's become the firs prime minister t country. before attending the meeting, he had separate talks with the leaders of three nations.
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abe told the prime ministers that the two share universal values such as the rule of law. >> translator: through this visit, i'd like to open a new page in japan's history with trinidad and tobago and other caribbean countries to enhance ties in various fields. >> abe called for the support in dealing with international challenges, including the reform of the security council. it was agreed and she expressed hope for more investment from japanese companies. abe met leaders of bermuda as well as jamaica. they agreed to further expand economic relations and personal exchanges. time for sumo.
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the july grand tournament ended its 15-day competition on sunday. mongolia grand champion had one to deal with, hakuho had one person to beat out. harumafugi. here is how it played out. 29-year-o 29-y can he stand in hakuho's way. driving hakuho to the edge. hakuho refuses to quit. then he dusts off the left-hand outside grip. he slammed harumafuj.
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hakuho is the champion and he becomes only the third man in sumo history to win 30 or more championships. again, hakuho triumphant nagoya is 30th t final. only two other men won more with three more titles, he can break the all-time record held by taiho. besides hakuho, another name that thrilled the crowd was goeido for his performance. he will be promoted ozeki. he finished with a record of 12 wins and 3 losses. not only did he beat hakuho who was undefeated at the time, but it was goeido's second straight
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victory over the mighty yokozuna goeido also proved his consistency to the sumo elders by performing 14 straight tournaments. that plus the victory over tochiozan stamped the ticket to ozeki. that's a wrap up. i'll be back in september to you know everything you want to know about the autumn tourney so see you then. a u.s. documentary on efforts to recover from the march 2011 disaster in japan has appeared in new york. stories from tohoku was shown on
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sunday. >> how are you? >> you look good. >> the movie includes interviews with japanese-american volunteers and survivors living in temporary housing more than three years after the disaster. it shows how they connect and struggle to revitalize damaged communities. also appearing is japanese american christy yamaguci. >> it is an incredibly moving film. >> it is beautiful to see how aevd is trying to cheer children up. i teach elementary school so it's very nice to see how the children are really their priority. >> co-director and crow-producer is a third generation japanese-american. >> we made the filr three reasons. we wanted to show the people
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that the japanese-americans were really still feeling very connected to them and working hard to raise money. we wanted to let the people know they hadn't been forgotten and wanted to show viewers that japanese-americans still play an important role between relationships between japan and the united states. >> the film is to be screened in november in sendai. sony has been struggling for some time to regain financial health. in the latest move the electronics maker decided to sell the land underneath its headquarters in tokyo. sony executives say they will sell the land to sony life insurance for about $520 million. the executives are expected to
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post a net loss for a second year. they plan to spend about $1.3 billion per downicizing the operations. that includes eliminating some 5,000 jobs world wide. sony has already sold its u.s. headquarters building in new york as well as the former tokyo headquarters building. common complaint. it is often diffic cash from automatic teller machines. government officials are making plans to improve the situation. only a quarter of the atms in japan accept cards issued abroad. travelers can face a hard time withdrawing yen outside of major cities. government leaders have made tourism a key part of the plan to revive the economy. they are looking ahead to the tokyo ol. they're hoping to attract 20 million visitors a year. executives at major banks say they are working to install more machines government officials are now leaning on smaller banks to do
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the same focusing on popular tourist destinations. >> japanese labor leaders are seeking an increase in the minimum wage, amid an im job market. the labor ministry council is holding a meeting on monday. the members include offici from both labor and bu labor union leaders are bullish. the managers are cautious. they want to avoid an impact on small and medium sized firms. last year management agreed to a 2% hike. the nation's average is $7.5 they are trying to reach an agreement by the end of the day. the two sides have a pretty big gap to narrow. here are the latest market figures.
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japan's space agency entered a new era with a satellite to monitor products. now the public can explore outer space with the agency in an expo near tokyo. >> reporter: 50 years of space history in one room from space suits to replica launch vehicles and command modules, the stories of some of the most important missions are on display. space enthusiasts are taking it all in. >> translator: the more we watch the more we understand about
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space. >> translator: it's interesting to see the space shuttle and various rockets. >> reporter: one of the main attractions is a replica of the japanese experiment module. astronauts at the international space station have used the lab since 2008 to carry out experiments in medicine and biology . in march he took over as commander of the international space station. he became the first japanese astronaut to lead the orbiting lab. a government panel is trying to decide what role japan should play in the space station after 2020. this spokesperson says space exploration is more relevant than ever. in february they set up a satellite that can track rain and snowfall around the globe. scientists hope it will help
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them better predict extreme weather such as typhoons. >> we would like to improve on people's daily lives and contribute to society. brazil has a large rain forest as well as big problems with illegal logging. and using earth data is a way to monitor and prevent these criminal activities. >> reporter: another success story. sent the probe to explore asteroids. in 2010 it brought back particles from an extra terrestrial body other than the moon. the low power ion propulsion system enabled it to return to earth after a seven-year journey. this winter will launch two.
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agency officials will use it to investigate the evolution of the solar system. organizers want to show off past accomplishments but are also looking to the future. one idea for making space travel more affordable and more accessible is building a space elevator. japanese scientists are trying to develop that idea with carbon nan otubes, cables designed to transport a vehicle without a rocket. organizers hope exhibits like this will inspire the next generation of space explorers. a thunderstorm came fast and fiercely through sweden and left a bit of a mess. our meteorologist is here. >> wide area of europe has been dealing with severe weather.
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you can see this rotating cloud in the upper atmosphere. because of the heat near the ground the temperature difference is creating such a severe weather area. we have video to show how bad the situation was on sunday. a fast-moving thunderstorm caused massive flooding. heavy rains and winds batter the country causing a cruise ship to break loose during a storm. passengers had to wade through high water in a flooded subway station. the rain also caused problems with local and long distance trains along with traffic on land. that weather is improving in stockholm. the bad weather is remaining over part of europe producing excessive amounts of rainfall, thunderstorms and even large hail. unfortunately, the conditions will not improve anytime soon in this location. temperatures are in the mid 20s in the mid part of europe.
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both sides of europe looking quite hot. lisbon at 33 degrees. moscow at 31 degrees with plenty of sunshine on your tuesday. across the americas a fatal lightning incident occurred. few lightning strikes killed at least one person and injuring several others at venice beach california. july has the highest number of fatal lightning incidents of the year because it is the hottest time of the year. when you hear rumbles of thunder you are close enough to get struck by lightning so take shelter immediately. thunderstorms happen across the eastern half of the united states. this is afoekting lots of areas including the u.s./canada border with the threats of large hail, damaging winds and even isolated tornadoes on your monday. temperatures are going to be quite cooling down across the eastern areas with incoming
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cooler air from canada. in the temperature chart quite cool for the summer. washington, d.c. 26. they should be about 32 degrees this time of year. 31 in chicago and across the west nearly 30 degrees in seattle on the beginning of your business week. across europe -- excuse me, asia. high pressure system dominating much of japan brings sunny skies and the rainy season has ended in northern japan. across southwestern islands of japan you see rainy weather starting tomorrow because of tropical depression is approaching. right now the system is around the west coast and philippines receiving copious amounts of rainfall which could cause flooding as well as landslides. these areas would start to see stormy conditions on your wednesday. our temperatures are in the 30s in the northern areas, quite hot for this time of year.
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and it could get 39 degrees on your wednesday. stay hydrated. here is the extended forecast around the globe.
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musicians from throughout europe gathered in a swiss alpine village for the world's largest alpine festival. about 3,000 people where there
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to hear the sound of the distinctive instrument. the hills were alive with the sound of music on sunday. 150 people took part in the festival in southern switzerland. they are made mostly of spruce and can be up to four meters long. cow herders were thought to have used them to herd sheep. >> translator: every competitor has a different way of handling the instrument. some have a way of gliding over certain notes which is particularly interesting. >> when we heard all together that was quite emotional really. >> the event provides a terrorism boost for the village which is tucked away in the swiss alps. and that's "newsline" for this hour. i'm gene otani in tokyo. for all of us here at nhk world
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thanks very much for joining us. until next time, good bye.
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three years ago a massive earthquake struck northeastern japan. over 18,000 deaths and missing people were recorded in the tsunami, quake and fires. survivors who escaped the tsunami and living in evacuation shelters with were confronted with another imminent threat.


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